The Online Quizzes Week (Week 3)

Dear Parents and beloved students, 
We believe that Parents play a vital role in the learning journey of their children. 
As we wish the best for our students. We announce the start of the online quizzes next week (Week 3).
It’s very important to support and encourage them to attend the online quizzes which will help them to gain the confidence ,motivation and the highest marks. 
* The online quizzes' week for the next week ONLY instead of written quizzes. 
* Kindly check the schedule below!
Thank You For Your Support 

News & Updates

Art Activities

Through artistic and cultural activities, we provide our students with all the elements that qualify them to participate in the external community later with confidence, in addition to enhancing a sense of belonging, self-esteem and pride in themselves. This is done by participating in theater shows in different languages to spread a specific and positive idea. This is in addition to the concerts that are held on one of the specialized theaters in the presence of parents, such as the annual ceremony and the annual honoring ceremony for the memories of the Holy Quran.
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In affirmation of our constant keenness to support students’ physical activity, we allocate sports activities throughout the academic year in which students participate positively, such as the football league, basketball, swimming league and other physical sports, in addition to the possibility of teaching them new sports skills in the Focus Sports Academy specialized in The school.
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